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A fabulous new series from Giles Andreae, the bestselling author
of Purple Ronnie, Rumble in the Jungle and Giraffes Can’t Dance.

World of Happy is a world of LOVE, CELEBRATION and HAPPINESS.
Children will love the little penguins, dancing hippos
and knitting gorillas, while parents will appreciate the emotionally rich
and life-affirming stories.
Not just books but precious receptacles for sharing joy with all the family; not just stories but fables to teach your children about really important, deep and heart-felt values.

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Six little books about positive and uplifting values: love, friendship, happiness, fun, respect and teamwork. When you’ve read the books, flip them over to make a picture jigsaw! Plus, the books can be safely stored in their own colourful slipcase. 

world of happy wins gold book award 2011/2012